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Aquarium Aquascapes

Owner Roger was the General Manager of the Back Bay Public Aquarium in Boston!
He has 35 years experience designing, setting up and servicing home and office aquariums.

When you need Aquarium services in Clearwater, St Pete, Tampa or New Port Richey, we are ready to help.   Rogers Aquarium Services has a depth of knowledge and experience with all types of fish tanks including saltwater aquariums, fresh water fish tanks and reef tanks.

Perhaps you already have a fish aquarium but it’s not all you want it to be.  A well-maintained freshwater fish tank or reef aquarium is not only beautiful to look at, but creates a healthy environment for your saltwater fish, marine life, freshwater fish and aquarium plants.  We can provide you with aquarium services that will make you proud of your salt water aquarium, fresh water fish tank or reef tank. The tension you feel when your saltwater fish die or the aquariums saltwater becomes cloudy or filled with algae will disappear when you have us providing aquarium services for you in Clearwater, St Pete and throughout Tampa Bay.

Maybe you are ready for a new custom aquarium for your home, office or restaurant.  You are probably wondering how to design an aquarium. Custom aquarium design is something we excel in.  It is important to consider the environment the fish tank will be placed in.  This means considering natural lighting, temperature variation, the activity of the people who will encounter and interact with the fish and the level of aquarium services desired.

For home-owners and business-owners in Clearwater, St Pete, Tampa, New Port Richey or the Florida Gulf beaches, a decision must be made on what type of fish tank is the best fit for you. Custom aquarium design allows the new fish tank to fit the home or offices interior design. The choice of salt water aquarium, fresh water tank or reef tank or reef aquarium is a matter of personal taste. Call us today for the best aquarium services in Tampa Bay!

For the best aquarium services in Tampa Bay!

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